#Essex Boyfriends in Cars

#Gary Numan’s Cars came out in the August of 1979, soon after Liz our protagonist had lost her virginity to No. 5 The Rat.  Whilst living at her parents and going out with boys age 17 years and over (who still lived with parents but were functioning with jobs and cars) it was inevitable, and only right and proper, that some of Liz’s relationships took place in and on top of cars.

I have chosen to bulk the ‘Essex Boyfriends in Cars’ into a 7 line poem to come later.  Vroom Vroom.

Gary Numan is touring this year and is playing in Portsmouth at the Pryramid Centre on 12th March.  Portsmouth is near to where my uncle lives in Southampton and he is one of my readers.

“Hi Uncle Peter, you will be 90 soon,  I can’t wait to travel in my car listening to #Cars  to celebrate with you.”

Here in my car

I feel safest of all

I can lock all my doors

It’s the only way to live

In cars

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