The wheels go round and round

img_0848This brownie badge was achieved by avoiding sexual advances from moped Mike who hung about outside the school gates of Rayleigh schools.  He was 17 and had moved into Rayleigh from Pitsea so no one knew much about him.

That  summer (before I knew how uncool it was) I accepted a lift home from him.  I thought it would be exciting and I’d never been on a moped before.  I pulled up my school pencil skirt with the large split up the back and wiggled on the seat until I was comfortable.  He let me wear his helmet and I put my hands around the thick leather of his jacket.  We went round the back roads to avoid the police station and cars lurking round corners.  There were always police cars lurking round corners when we came out of school.

“Left here” I called and he swerved into the cul-de-sac and into my road.  “Stop here” he braked suddenly, he fell over the handle bars landing in the road outside my house and I fell on top of him.  I got up and rubbed the grit off my elbows and knees and pulled my skirt down.  He picked the bike up and got back on.

“Thanks for the lift”  I gave him back the helmet.

I didn’t tell anyone about the lift as lots of girls had said he’d tried it on and I wondered what was wrong with me even though I didn’t fancy him.  Soon after that Moped Mike got a job at the bakers and we didn’t see him much after apart from when he got a new 250 Honda.  I saw him on the Honda parked outside Love Lane primary school.  I don’t think he was looking for a girlfriend really.



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