No. 16 – 20 Men and Cars


Capri Chris (upgraded from a Cortina Mk3)
Capris Chris’s Uncle Jason in anther Capri (upgraded from a Cortina Mk3 to compete with his nephew)
The solicitor Hugh and his XR2
Lloyd of ‘Lloyds of London’ Porsche and his brother Paul from school – but not in the Porsche in the family home where Paul saw – then broker Lloyd got stabbed in a London nightclub and solicitor Hugh stepped in.

p.s. I never had a relationship with Vince in the red Vauxhall Viva Mark 2 with the NIGHT VIVA sun strip that was peeling off from the left hand bottom corner (passenger side)

p.p.s Hugh wasn’t cut out to be  a solicitor and started up a sun roof business cutting out roofs of Essex cars for the sun to get in.  After a few years he passed his business onto his son then they went bust and the son retrained as a solicitor.

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