No. 33 Junky Jake at the Skag Club

I had the worst hang over ever. It was the morning after my 21st birthday. I’d done a gig at the Swag club with a new band I was playing in. I eventually surfaced from the late night and as I walked down the stairs I noticed a thick small envelope sat in the cage that surrounded the letter box (so the dog wouldn’t chew the mail). I thought it was a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ card but I was wrong….
“Liz, good morning, smile
I said I’ll come round I knew you would not wait up for me but there you go, im a bit piss off I took the trouble to come down to surprise you at the Swag and although you saw me you just wanted to get away from me, if you do not really like me please tell me? You say you don’t care what I do, is this really so I thought we had somthing nice going what’s wrong are you conserned you might love me one day and want to shoot me
Sorry about the weekend I known I let you down a lot you deserve someone better, I try to make you a bit happyre and I would love to get on with you a bit better and don’t say (just forget if it’s not what you want you don’t even know what you want, but I do I want to screw you and hope you feel the same way! Well some-time this year, I’ll always be around and wish you would surprise e sometime and come round, then at least I know you want to see me too. And don’t say I could ring you, I like surprises same as you to. Well I’ll be at the wedding count on that and you decide weather you want me as lover or a friend
(lover and friend good choisse Liz) you make me happy. If I don’t want to ring me anymore have a good time sorry if you never.
I don’t mean to nag you all night at what you was doing talking and flying around its not like me and you now it (well you do know)
Anyway I was kicking my habit of smack and looked and felt a state, I do not mean to interfer but I had to go and try I known you say do scag wen I want but I O.D. on Friday last week and never been so scary and I don’t want you to feel embarrassed about me or sorry if possible for you.
I wished you had given me lift to your house or even let me in or just said it to help me avoid Ron and Co. because I’m trying hard to give up “No you say No worry” but I feel I would be better off health whys.
We can still be to-gefther and live our own lifes you have your boyfriends and I don’t say nasty things about them.
! Oh and by the way I ate got no other girl-friends and never have sence I see you! See where you going to find a man as caring has me.
I would not understand but I would try for you and give you no hassles,
Sorry about the letter but you shut me out.
This dose not me I’m maddly in love with you & you have control over me or me with you, we will never be able to do that where both very alike and independent.
Sorry for writing & spelling mistakes, you looked great tonight and I was prode of you (I don’t tell you in there because your ego’s big enough all ready)
Don’t take as I’m crawling after you I’m not I’m just trying to give you a few off my feelings and hope you reply with yours?
No more lies but don’t fuck me off too much, telephone my work and tell me wont the letter is like (don’t just say shit)
Hiy, great kiss tonight one of your best hope for more
Ps cut the ball I fancy you you fancy me so ring and don’t be stubband and hang out to weekend we should do more togeather
Pps sorry for digging you alnight where get over it!
PLEASE WRITE I like letters”

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