(No. 31 cont. – Fraser Found in London)

“Yer cunt” Fraser said when Dougie passed him onto the phone to me “Where have you been?”
“I’ve moved to London. How’s the band going?”
“Great, we’ve got a manager, Chris, he’s Canadian. We’re doing a video, getting a single out. You gonna play with us? I’ll see what Chris says. He’s had us on Janice Long and we played with Nina Hagen.”
“Yes, sure. Where?”
“Let’s meet for a drink. Where you living?”
“Near the Cale Road,”
“Fuck me, I’ve got a bedsit on top of the launderette, Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, one more stop on the blue line, we rehearse in a studio off Holloway Road. Yer canny cunt”
Fraser, Dougie, Duncan and I enjoyed a nine month roll of playing in ‘Arbroath and all other places’ until Canadian Chris the manager wanted to bring in more mainstream girls as backing singers and then :
“Chris wants to kick you out” Fraser said as we smoked together after sex.
“Ok,” I said, but it wasn’t, I was jealous of the new girls.  I accepted the rejection immediately and answered a Melody Maker ad and joined another psychedelic/garage band called the ‘Purple People Eaters’.  Fraser, was in turn jealous of me and became illusive again.  He’d recently got the sack from another building firm and I found out from Dougie he’d fucked off back to Scotland to catch up with family and friends.
“Is Fraser there?” I rang his Mum after two weeks of not hearing from him.
“No lassie, I think he’s in Edinburgh.”
I wasn’t going to move to Scotland to find him, I was enjoying the attention that came with playing for the ‘Purple People Eaters’.  Fraser being out of work and with no band wasn’t so attractive.  I’d stopped throwing up again, it was time to enjoy London life.

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