No. 78 to 84 Beastie Benitses Boys

img_1877We arrived on the Benitses main drag of club 18 to 30’s
Us punks full with love and Pelekas hippy spirit
We filled a bin liner of broken glass from the stoney beach
Keeping out of reach
Of the used condoms

“Who would stay here?”
We chanted for all to hear
From disco Dr Beat beats we ventured
From room to room, disturbing them
And them in turn disturbing us
Sometimes there were three of us
Or four or five sharing beds
With clippers we shaved their heads
Until the shavers were stolen from beneath a bed
Back on the beach we read
‘The Dice Man’
That gave us the plan
With dice from a Backgammon set
We shook and took our bet
From Benitses boy to Benises boy
We needed a new ploy
1. Stay in Benitses 2. Boat to Brindesi 3. Ferry to Dubrovnick 4. Go home 5. Greek Island hopping 6. Back to Pelekas
The dice rolled, fell off the taverna table, we knelt down to see
It had landed on No. 3
Those Beastie Benitses Boys also stole
Our Barbie and Ken doll

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