No. 87 The Goth

Chris sublet the two other bedrooms in the maisonette flat.  He was a High Priest of a witch coven and meetings were held at the flat (post coded Mottingham, but the nearest station was Elmstead Woods, a short walk through the woods).

I didn’t get involved with Chris and the coven in the summer months as they had their meetings in the woods, and by the time I’d got home from work, they had already changed into their witch robes and left the flat for their secret wood clearing away from the main drag to the station.  I was always in bed before they got back and they kept quiet.  Once I got up for the loo and Chris was in the hallway with his long purple velvet robe wide open with long purple todger on full display.

The flat was above a shop on two levels, there were three bedrooms.  Chris and I had one each and Ricky moved in to take the other.  Ricky was a goth, he had long black hair and wore a purple silk bandana, large hoop earrings, black leathers and long-sleeved, multicoloured flowing tops, with purple in.

As the winter months drew in their witchy practice moved into the flat and when I got back from work, if I hadn’t gone for drinks with Sam,  I was ‘cut’ into their circle as a coven guest which meant that a sword was placed on my shoulder then directed – North, South, East and West (sweeping the circle?!) and the witches chanted stuff.  The room was candle lit and after getting stoned we went skyclad (naked) and paired off, or just hung about watching Chris and Maureen (High Priestess) get off with each other.  It’s strange, but apart from Ricky and I, the others did actually look like witches – Chris had greasy be-draggled  hair with a large spot on his nose, Maureen had the witchy large protruding chin and Lisa had a curved spine and a moustache on occasions.  They were the regulars and others popped in and out, equally as witch-like.  It was hard to know who was who as the robes had hoods and then when the robes came off I was too stoned to see clearly.

Because I fancied Ricky and he fancied me we got off with each other and I would sleep in his room after the coven shenanigans.  Ricky had a girlfriend and I had Fraser so it was an unsaid boundary that it was only on witchy Thursdays this would happen.

A few months into the routine Fraser’s weekend home visit was arranged.  I felt guilty and told Chris high priest I wouldn’t be joining the circle anymore.  It didn’t go down well, he ignored me in the house and so did Ricky which made Fraser’s home visit a disaster.  Fraser hated the flat, he was jealous of gay soulmate Sam and there was clear awkwardness between him and Ricky when they bumped into each other in the kitchen. Fraser hated Goths.

On the Sunday morning Fraser left early to meet his friend and drug dealer woman.  We were supposed to meet later on in the day and I waited for two hours in the Intrepid Fox, Soho.  I was worried he’d gone AWOL and contacted the prison, but he was safe and sound watching TV in is semi-open prison cell.  For the next few weeks I hated him and I hated Ricky as a now always freshly moustache shaven Lisa would stay Thursdays and they would have really loud sex with bondage which kept me awake and made me tired for work.

….  and work wasn’t going so great either, the medical records clerk was alcoholic and had it in for me, I was front line receptionist at the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson hospital, and part of the job involved trying to find missing records for patients usually having abortions or with fertility issues.  Working at a women’s hospital there were no men, apart from the odd hospital porter and odd job man.  Even the consultants were mostly women.  Our reception staff were butch and bitchy and the supervisor bullied the manager.  I began looking in the back of free tube mags for other work.

…. then, Sam got ill.

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